2015 – Scandinavia Revisited

In 2015 I returned to one of the most beautiful group of countries I have been privileged to see – Scandinavia but more importantly to me, Central and Northern Sweden.

I learnt a lot about myself and solo motorcycle travel in 2013 when I covered over 26,000km in four months and first experienced the stunning mountain ranges, lakeside vistas and unanimously friendly people who made the trip so memorable. So in 2017 I will be returning.

I spent midsummer night at Nordkapp having ridden north through Filipstad to swim in Yngen and then Umea to feast on Västerbottensost cheese and then rough camping in riding north through Lemmenjoki and skirting the Lemmenjoki National Park. Midsummer was 23rd June… did I see you on the beach?

2015 Route





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