View from the bunker

The deeper I go into Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary the more old cold war bunkers and military outposts I find. Wish I had more time to explore some of the remnants which are both fascinating but also exceptionally “creepy”. Without exception they seem to be in excellent preserved condition with little signs of vandalism and just succumbing to the ravages of nature with tree roots growing through feet think concrete walls enhancing the dereliction. I could spend weeks in these areas alone, just meandering through the countryside and borders, looking at these historic sites but sadly time in limited – and the west is calling me again.View from the bunker

Lac de Vouglans

A long days riding which saw a complete set of seasons was capped by a lunch of nectarines and cherries at the top of the pass overlooking Lac de Vouglans. The reservoir provides power for the hydro-electric power station at Vouglans on the River Ain. Warnings of a severe storm are everywhere – lets see what the new day brings but the forests today were glorious, damp and primeval, its only when you ride a bike can you smell the changing surroundings – actually smell the earth and the rain soaked canopies.

Lac de Vouglans

Blogging Hardware

Blogging, poetry  and writing on the road has always been done by me using pencil an paper but I have just specified and had delivered a semi rugged net book designed and built by Novatech in Cardiff – 500GB SSD and running Win 7 Pro with Open office and all my mapping software (BaseCamp and MapSource) lets see how the equipment performs this year in the shakedown tours before the 2012 expedition.