New friends

Riding the mountain roads near Cerknica I came across another GS rider with 500,000km on his bike – through broken French and German we agreed that these are the best bikes in the world… and after coffee and lunch and exchange of stories and tribulations we clattered off in our respective directions leaving just a trail of dust behind… Made a Freind

As far east as I have ever been…

Today I passed a personal milestone in riding beyond any eastern border in a single trip and onwards towards Kecskemet and Budapest in a north eastern arc – I did some language research before I left and learnt this phrase “Moje vznášadlo je plné úhorov” which as you know means “My hovercraft is full of eels” – useful phase book guidance can be found here

Arrived in Slovinia

On reflection, I’ll take the sun

There is a delicious masochism about riding in the rain. It starts with the ritual of donning equipment that is designed to keep you dry for a casual ride but in 10 hour monsoons even the best can be overcome. Gortex topped with one piece rain suit works best for me – but forget waterproof boots and gloves they simply don’t exist in torrential rain conditions. Days end allows for drip drying and repeated hot drinks – snuggling into a dry sleeping bag on a wooden platform yesterday covered by a tin roof was a extraordinary feeling – so in touch with the elements yet thankfully dry and warm – the spectacle of viscous lighting bolts and the soundtrack of thunderclaps and bouncing rain… best nights sleep yet.I'll take the sun