Downtime in Austvågøya

Austvågøya could be overshadowed by Higravstinden the huge dominating mountain on the eastern island side but it also shares superb coastal beaches, stopping for tea and dried fish (is this were the British and Norwegian cultures met?) I kicked back in the summer sunshine and marvelled at the clarity of the water which at times allowed you to see the unperturbed marine life in its natural glory. Austvågøya

Dals Långed Revisited

From Filipstad south west around 150km is Dals Långed within the Bengtsfors kommun – a district blessed with acres and acres of clean fresh water lakes and crossed by the Dalslands kanal. The riding here is exceptional as are the lakes – shame I left my fly rod behind as stopping for Fika at the lake edge the fish were clearly rising, might of actually stood a chance of catching something.Dals Långed Revisited