The GS is finally home

So my GS is finally home – been a long time coming with a rebuilt gearbox, new clutch plate and third input drive shaft. Its a real shame that this design fault still remains, its a non service item but really would benefit from routine lubrication but with complete gearbox removal and bike strip down required its a difficult and long job to do. At the same time a new clutch hydraulic slave cylinder has been installed, which I know was leaking. The story is that when BMW introduced the hydraulic clutch design they miscalculated and inadvertently moved the clutch disc 8mm further forward towards the engine and off the transmission splines, this results in the splines of the clutch disc falling short of the input drive shaft hence the wear. Apparently Brunos Machine and Repair have a fix so I am on the case now for the new shaft design.

Return of the GS1150

The GSA is Dead – Long live the GSA

Been a topsy turvy month with the gearbox on my 02 R1150 GSA wearing the main bearings and damaging the gearbox case, its in Cardiff Mototrrad still with Phil working his magic and within a few weeks he will have cannibalised three gearboxes into one new refurbished one for me. In the meantime I have a new blank canvas to play with – the Bumble Bee.The Bumble Bee

Out of Adversity comes Fondue

So breaking down on the D925 in the beautiful environment east of Lac De Roselend meant that we needed to find shelter and call for help. The biking fraternity came to my rescue again and a friendly GS1200 rider ushered Gareth and I up to La Pierra Menta (highly recommended) to wait for rescue from Gaage Des Carroz. Not ever wanting to turn down lunch a Savoyard Fondue was ordered and jointly consumed – all I need now is help to get the bike back on the road…I am thinking Hall Sensors?

R&R in Sorrento, Campania, Italy

Spoke to Mike at Cardiff Motorad this morning just to bounce my electrical ABS and breaking gremlins off him – thanks Mike (you must dread these expeditions). Arrived in Sorrento yesterday for some R&R – my wife and daughter arrived from Naples at around 7pm, really nice to catch up with them again after time away from home. Planning some additional tours from this base to include the excellent mountain passes at Stigliano and Bellosguardo. Acclimatising to the heat is crucial – even the locals are struggling with mid to high 30’s and 60-70% humidity, sun rises at 4:30 at the moment and its wonderfully cool and clear at that time of the day.

Running repairs in Tuscany

Travelling south on the A1 the brake warning lights on the GS started to do their Christmas flashing routine. Pulling over into the shade of the services and musing over a iced tea I checked the bike over – nothing obvious but seemingly voltage related as the lights and GPS are playing up as well. I decided to press on and that night in the shade of the rest stop in Preto I stripped out the CanBus and doubled the power feed to the lights and Sat Nav via the battery charging system. Its amazing what you can achieve with a few lengths of wire and some tape – being confident and familiar with your own bike is the secret – wonder if this would have been possible with a new 1200 (of course 1200 owners might argue their bikes never misbehave) – Day time temperatures are in the mid 30’s at the moment so early morning and late afternoon travel is called for.