Glacial Erratics or Reindeer?

Riding north on the E45 this afternoon south of Jokkmokk, I glimpsed something white in the eastern forest fringes. The trouble with these northern glacial fields are that the glacial erratics can look like animals, but this was different, so I did a quick turnaround and slowly retraced my steps and I was privileged enough to witness for maybe five minutes, a startling white reindeer and two darker females grazing on the forest floor and eyeing me up with interest. In a few months time, the native Sámi people will gather these reindeers for slaughter. The white reindeer is more often selected for slaughter since they are said to be weaker and an easier prey for predators – I prefer the old adage that says that seeing the white reindeer means luck… after all I have at least another 6000km to ride.White Reindeer

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