Road to the sky

Rode the infamous Grossglockner today. Well when I say I rode it, I entered the park just after 9 and then for the next eight hours I rode a bit, hopped off the bike to take some photographs then rode on a bit more only to stop and repeat the process all over again and when I reached the end I just turned round and did it all again. It was breathtaking, possibly the best mountain pass I have ridden to-date – not to crowded but cold (2.4 degrees at 2548 meters high). Met some great folks including a team riding some very old machines at a sedately pace to the summit and the ‘rally for heroes‘ teams who were driving the pass having come from Kehlsteinhaus – the erosion of the Pasterze Glacier is startling what ever the cause.Knarley Dudess Pasterze Glacier

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