Wonder why we do it?

When we left this morning the temperature was just over 34 degrees and in just 3 hours it was 2.8 and I was brushing sleet out of my hair… for August the driving rain and ferocious wind is unusual even at this altitude even though this is the highest paved mountain road in the Alps. Lunch at Le Canyon in Val D’Isere was a good choice and we were joined by two Spanish riders on a Yamaha and a FS800 one of who had discovered her waterproofs were leaking – with today’s rain if they were going to leak then today would have been the day…

Col de l'Iseran

3 thoughts on “Wonder why we do it?

  1. Fair point… but whilst Col de la Bonette rises to 2715 m, Col de l’Iseran is one of the three Alpine road passes whose altitudes are higher (Stelvio Pass and Col Agnel being the others) – still a great ride

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