Running repairs in Tuscany

Travelling south on the A1 the brake warning lights on the GS started to do their Christmas flashing routine. Pulling over into the shade of the services and musing over a iced tea I checked the bike over – nothing obvious but seemingly voltage related as the lights and GPS are playing up as well. I decided to press on and that night in the shade of the rest stop in Preto I stripped out the CanBus and doubled the power feed to the lights and Sat Nav via the battery charging system. Its amazing what you can achieve with a few lengths of wire and some tape – being confident and familiar with your own bike is the secret – wonder if this would have been possible with a new 1200 (of course 1200 owners might argue their bikes never misbehave) – Day time temperatures are in the mid 30’s at the moment so early morning and late afternoon travel is called for.

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